About the Conference
The first INTHITEN Conference was held in St. Petersburg in June 2013 as the result of hard work of the Head of Communication Networks and Data Transmission Department Andrey Yevgen'evich Koucheryavy and his great contribution to the International Telecommunication Union standardization sector in IoT field. Due to breakthroughs in 2013 Professor's Koucheryavy Educational Research School "Internet of Things and Self-Organized Networks" was included in Registry of leading research and educational schools of St. Petersburg according to the decision of Presidium of Scientific-Technical Committee affiliated to the Government of St. Petersburg Science and Higher School Committee. Due to this and scientific progress of postgraduate students and professors of Higher Education Institutions the first Conference INTHITEN was held at the beginning of June 2013. The Program Committee of the Conference included leading scientists from Russia and other countries, and the participants were young scientists who presented their results in the Internet of Things and related technologies area.