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About the Conference

The main focus of the conference is on the investigation of modern Internet of Things applications, including Flying Ubiquitous Networks, Tactile Internet, Augmented Reality, Medicine networks, Nanonetworks and many more. The conference is organised by scientists under 35 years old. The Lab of Internet of Things, the Lab of Software Defined Networks, and the lab of Augmented Reality and others, will form an experimental part of the conference. These labs will give participants the chance to undertake various practical experiments during the conference.

The previous conference was held in St. Petersburg on June 3-4 of 2013. The beginning of June is the most popular time to visit St Petersburg, being known worldwide as the ‘White Nights’. The program committee of the conference included leading scientists from both Russia and other countries. Conference website intniten 2013: .

Welcome to St. Petersburg

The INTHITEN will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia -at the meeting point of East and West. With its stunning architecture and wonderful art galleries and museums, among numerous other attractions. The history of East and West can be seen and felt in this beautiful city.

St. Petersburg


The INTHITEN is supported by the Russian Federal Telecommunications Agency, IEEE Russia Northwest BT/CE/COM Chapter, the Popov Society and RFBR, research project No.15 07-09431a “Development of the principles of construction and methods of self-organization for Flying Ubiquitous Sensor Networks”. As part of the International Conference INTHITEN 2016 will hold a one-day training event titled "Experimental study of the Internet of Things and its applications, based on the Internet of Things Laboratory SPbSUT".
The conference proceedings will be published by SPbSUT.
The deadline for submission (Full paper) is: 15 October 2016 21 November 2016
25 November 2016 28 November 2016. 12.00, 2 December 2016.



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address: 22 Prospekt Bolshevikov, St. Petersburg (Ulitsa Dybenko Metro Station)